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Customer Care

At Potent Pig we aim to provided quality products and services, please contact us if you have any questions.

Please refer to the relevant state and federal government requirements for your purchase use. All battery chargers have been tested to meet the Australian standard required at the time of manufacture and have been registered with the relevant state government authority as required by law in each state. By purchasing our products you the consumer agree to all terms and conditions stated on our website, manuals and relevant documentation .

Electric Scooters and electric dirt bikes are considered extreme sports and the operator is at a high risk of injury or harm. This could be  through operator error/misuse and Potent Pig holds no responsibility for any harm, injury or death from the use of its products. Ages, performance and statutory requirements are the user responsibility and must fully inform themselves of the requirements, dangers, limitations, performance and ability required to use the products,  before the purchase and use of the products.


As the purchaser you  agree and warrant that you and/or other persons under your supervision, third parties, or using the product you have purchased have the necessary ability and skills to use your product to a safe standard and that incorrect use or loss of control, injury and damage is your responsibility and liability. Potent Pig does not condone any illegal use of its products. By purchasing the product from us you agree to all terms and conditions expressed and implied on this site and manuals. Potent Pig does not accept any responsibility or liability to 3rd parties including any sales, gifts or the like to third parties.


Please read your product manual and follow the instructions  before using for the first time. Some Electric products may not be legal or restricted to use on public property such as roads, parks, pathways etc. Please ensure you check with your local authority as to where you can operate electric scooters and electric dirt bikes . Always follow local speed limits, wear a helmet and ride within local legislation.

Do not ride the electric scooters or dirt bikes products in adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, storms or other natural disasters this poses a potential for product failure or damage and even a serious danger for potential accidents causing injury to yourself and/or others.

Avoid water - Electric products are not waterproof. The electronics and components may be damaged due to water ingress and water damage is not covered by warranty. Do not hose or pressure wash the product. Hand clean with a damp cloth only.

Electric Scooters and electric dirt bikes are not designed to be subjected to rough use.


Do not jump and do not crash into objects or drop the product on the ground , it is still an electrical product and needs to be handled with care and respect. Our warranty does not cover any damage as result of rough and intentional unsafe misuse .


Scooters and Bikes are an off road product and their use can be considered an extreme sport. Damage to the scooter/bike as a direct result of their use in the sport is not covered under the warranty. This Limited Warranty only covers manufacturer defects/flaws in material and workmanship of the scooter arising or occurring as a result of the manufacturing process of the scooter/bike for 12 (twelve) months or 600km or any other terms and conditions stated in this manual or our website. Warranty is as is on Products Sold as "Ex-Demo" or "Refurbished" items.


The warranty is void if the damage or malfunction has been caused by the misuse or mishandling by the owner. This includes from impact, damage, breakage, overheating, cracking or snapping of the product as a result of misuse.

All scooters/bikes must be registered for warranty by the original purchaser within 1(one) month of original purchase date at The warranty is non-transferable to third parties of any kind and is valid only to the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects on the following body components for only 12 (twelve) months or 600 km:

  • Deck/scooter body

  • Bike Frame

  • Front Fork and stem Assembly

  • Rear Fork Assembly

  • Handlebar

  • Kickstand

  • Folding mechanism

The warranty covers defects on the following electrical components for 3 (three) months or 600 km:

  • Battery and BMS

  • Battery Charger

  • Front and or rear Wheel and Hub, Motor Assembly

  • Dashboard/display

  • Charge Port

  • Control Board

  • Electronic Throttle

  • E- Brake

  • All Lighting including Head light, Rear lights, Deck lights

The warranty DOES NOT cover the following:

  • Expired warranty period

  • The warranty or Vin label is altered or removed

  • Wheels and Brake pads

  • Suspension components

  • Water damage or ingress

  • Damaged, Flat or worn tyres

  • Damage to the decals, deck, grips, handlebar, chassis or fenders

  • Failing to maintain or perform servicing

  • Surface defects, scratches or paint damage or defects

  • Missing screws, nuts, or bolts washers and the like.

  • Burnt control boards/wires and/or motor due to excessive continual acceleration, over heating or restricted tyre movement ie. doing burn outs, skids and the like.

  • All weight load limits need to be adhered to and failure will result in warranty becoming void. The cause of overloading is usually due to two people riding the scooter.

  • Warranty does not cover any water damage, dust or dirt ingress.

  • Modification and/or repairs, opening of any components including by third parties, this includes changing or upgrading the battery, modifications to the motors, installing different wheels or tyres, and installing a flash or firmware, amongst many others. Upgrading or altering the brakes.

  • Installing accessories that are not designed for this model of scooter.

  • Incorrect riding of the scooter including crashes or misuse and abuse of any kind including but not limited to dropping , jumping and heavy shaking or vibration.

  • Bad storage – must be stored inside in a dry, well ventilated environment.

  • Damage caused from natural disasters, fires, storms or floods.

  • Warranty is void if used for commercial purposes.

  • A warranty claim may only be valid if the breakage or malfunction of the scooter is a direct result of the manufacturing process. Spare parts are limited to a 3 month holding period from manufacture date on the Vin plate of the scooter

  • Some products are provided with "tool kits", we do not warrant the quality, use or suitability relevant to your purchase and are used at your own risk as we have no ability to monitor or control a third party product.

Payment Methods

Maintenance and Battery

We recommend checking your scooter before each ride and doing a weekly maintenance routine :

  1. The first step in your maintenance is wiping down the scooter/bike. For the handlebars, grips and display, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt and grim.

  2. Use a damp cloth with a solution of mild household detergent and warm water to remove any foreign matter, grim, dirt and dust from the Electric scooter/bike. Make sure that you don’t get any electrical components wet. The cloth only needs to be damp not dripping wet. DO NOT use a garden hose to wash down the scooter.

  3. Check the tyre pressures.(check max pressure on the sidewall of the tyre).

  4. Check brakes, cables and pads to endure they are clean and functioning correctly. Adjust your brakes so that your wheels can spin without any obstruction if needed.

  5. Check all bolts nuts and screws are fastened.

  6. Check Lighting system.

  7. Check and adjust handle bars if needed.

  8. Check and adjust the folding system and lubricate if needed.

  9. Check the battery charge.

Any battery including  Lead Acid and Lithium batteries pose a serious risk of fire or explosion if not correctly stored, used and charged.

DO NOT charge if the charge port or power cord is wet.

DO NOT charge or use your battery if it is damaged or you see a trace of water.

Close the charge port cover when not charging.

DO NOT leave the scooter/bike unattended whilst charging.

DO NOT OVERCHARGE. Only charge in a well ventilated space, away from flammable materials.

DO NOT let the battery fully discharge as this will damage the battery and void the warranty. If not riding for an extended period, please ensure the battery is charged once a month.

After long rides, (30 minutes or more), let your electric scooter/bike cool down for about 30 minutes before commencing charging.

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