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  • Does Potent Pig assemble the products ?
    Some products are 100% assembled others are 95% assembled ? We offer an assembly service for pickup items only items to be shipped will be boxed.
  • What size Electric dirt bike or Electric scooter do you recommend ?
    Potent Pig is bound by statutory requirements and can only recommend what is legal in your state. Please review your state legislation in relation to our products. As a parent you are responsible for your child's safety, supervision and use of our products.
  • Where Is Potent Pig Located ?
    Potent Pig is currently Located in Yarrabilba,4207 Queensland. Our warehouse/showroom is open by appointment only, please call to discuss any of our products and organise a time to visit.
  • Is riding an eScooter legal in my state ?
    All states in Australia have different rules which are evolving all the time, please check your local authority for the current rules. Below are some sites we have found with the current rules - 2023. Queensland New South Wales Victoria South Australia Tasmania Northern Territory Western Australia
  • Are warranties transferable to 3rd parties ?
    Warranties are only valid to the original purchaser and we cannot warrant any 2nd hand goods that have been on sold to 3rd parties.
  • Why are your Electric scooters limited to 25km/h ?
    In order to legally import our scooters, it is a requirement that the scooters have an import approval from the Department of Infrastructure. At the moment all scooters are imported as personal mobility devices and as part of this requirement the scooters must be limited to 25km/hr. If the owner of the scooter wishes to use the product on private property they will be able to easily remove this limiter. A majority of Australian states and Territories have a speed limit of 25km/hr
  • Does Potent Pig have a Store?
    Yes Potent Pig Warehouse/Showroom is open in Yarrabilba we have limited opening times by appointment, customers can view our range of Potent Pig Electric scooters and Electric Dirt bikes.
  • What are the products power ratings ?
    Please see the individual item descriptions for the ratings. This are based on the factory data provided from the development team at the factory. Battery range and outputs in any product description are to be used as a guide only which represent an average of the test figures and do not account for all/other variables such as incline, terrain, rider size and weight, weather conditions to name a few. We do test all of our products for functionality but cannot guarantee the data provided by a 3rd party.
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