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Potent Pig was born out of the  thirst for Electric powered scooters and are in the process of expanding into other Electric powered products. We tested and rode several products before we decided to import our own branded products to our specifications from our factories. 

All of our products have been specified and design to a high standard to provide a quality product and we only sell limited volumes. All of our products are fitted with a VIN plate and are Lazer engraved with an individual VIN number. Each model has either a key lock or APP lock for added safety.

All of our battery chargers have been tested and certified to Australian standards and we are registered as responsible supplier of electrical goods.


We are wholesale direct to public and only sell via ecommerce channels to provide a quality product at reasonable prices.

Copy of Potent Pig Scooters-3.jpg
InkedPotent Pig Scooters-29.jpg
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